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2018 Line Jude/Concessions Schedule

Parents you will be responsible for assisting your daughter in the concession stand. If you cannot attend PLEASE make prior arrangements with another parent before your assigned date. The volleyball fund gets to keep profit from the concession stand during our games! You will not miss your daughter’s volleyball game. Please be on time!!

Line Judge -- Score Table -- Concession

Aug 27th Palm Bay

4:45 Chloe Arellano, Delaney Lott -- Hannah Bradford, Kelly Merz -- Kylie Morgan

5:45 Alexa Callen, Alexis Fisher -- Amber McAdams, Angel Crandell -- Anna Brait

6:45 Cayden Maize, Devin Fox -- Hailey Lewis, Hannah Berry -- Hannah Carpenter

August 28th West Shore

4:45 Madi Hintz, Makena Wagner -- Marisa Hulmes, Morgan Ogden -- Savannah Reiser

5:45 Ariel Killick, Audrey Sierota -- Brooke Ferguson, Deanna Marrs -- Emily Olsen

6:45 Katelyn Dunegan, Kayla Beigh -- Kennedy Boswell, Lauren Lewis -- Naomi McPhearson

September 12th Celebration

4:45 Shaine Horvath, Taylor Jenson -- Tory Kolasky, Chloe Arellano -- Delaney Lott

5:45 Jacquelin Castro, Katie Jordan -- Shyanne Kirshner, Willow Lusz -- Alexa Callen

6:45 Morgan Day, Olivia Byrd -- Taylor Callaway, Cayden Maize -- Devin Fox

September 13th Eau Gallie

4:45 Hannah Bradford, Kylie Morgan -- Kelly Merz, Madi Hintz -- Makena Wagner

5:45 Alexis Fisher, Amber McAdams -- Angel Crandell, Anna Brait -- Ariel Killick

6:45 Hailey Lewis, Hannah Berry -- Hannah Carpenter, Katelyn Dunegan -- Kayla Beigh

September 20th Rockledge

4:45 Marisa Hulmes, Savannah Reiser -- Morgan Ogden, Shaine Horvath -- Taylor Jenson

5:45 Audrey Sierota, Brooke Ferguson -- Deanna Marrs, Emily Olsen -- Jacquelin Castro

6:45 Kennedy Boswell, Naomi McPhearson -- Lauren Lewis, Morgan Day -- Olivia Byrd

September 26th North vs South

*Varsity ONLY

* JV Line Judge/Table volunteer and Freshmen Concession volunteer

September 27th Tohopekaliga

4:45 Tory Kolasky, Delaney Lott -- Chloe Arellano, Makena Wagner -- Hannah Bradford

5:45 Katie Jordan, Shyanne Kirshner -- Willow Lusz, Alexa Callen -- Alexis Fisher

6:45 Taylor Callaway, Cayden Maize -- Devin Fox, Hailey Lewis -- Hannah Berry

October 1 st Harmony

4:45 Kelly Merz, Kylie Morgan -- Madi Hintz, Marisa Hulmes -- Shaine Horvath

5:45 Amber McAdams, Anna Brait -- Angel Crandell, Ariel Killick -- Audrey Sierota

6:45 Hannah Carpenter, Kayla Beigh -- Katelyn Dunegan, Kennedy Boswell -- Lauren Lewis

October 3 rd MCC (Pink Game)

4:30 Savannah Reiser, Taylor Jenson -- Shaine Horvath, Tory Kolasky -- Chloe A, Kelly M

5:30 Brooke Ferguson, Deanna Marrs -- Emily Olson, Jacqelin Castro -- Katie J, Shyanne K

6:30 Naomi McPhearson, Morgan Day -- Olivia Byrd, Lauren Lewis -- Cayden M, Taylor C

October 8 th East River (Senior Night)

4:45 Delaney Lott, Hannah Bradford -- Kelly Merz, Kylie Morgan -- Marisa Hulmes

5:45 Shyanne Kirshner, Alexa Callen -- Willow Lusz, Alexis Fisher -- Amber McAdams

6:45 Devin Fox, Hailey Lewis -- Hannah Berry, Hannah Carpenter -- Katelyn Dunegan

October 15th - TBD

Possible District Quarterfinals

*Varsity ONLY

*JV and Freshmen volunteers

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