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2019 Tryout Information

Updated: Aug 18, 2019

  • Monday, July 29th- 9th & 10th grade: 3-5pm 11th & 12th grade: 5-7pm

  • Tuesday, July 30th 9th & 10th grade: 3-5pm (First cuts) 11th & 12th grade: 5-7pm

  • Wednesday, July 31st 9th & 10th grade: 3-5pm (Final cuts) Varsity Practice- 3-5pm

You must have the Viera Athletic Eligibility Packet to participate in Tryouts. Information can also be picked up at the front office of VHS. Please read checklist on first page to ensure athlete is cleared before July 29th.

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First off- I can't believe the number of girls that came to volleyball tryouts this year. The most in the history of Viera High School Volleyball at 83!! If you see your number on the lists- I will be

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